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Google AdSense plus valuable content equals passive income. A person with focus and grit can read and write their way into a media empire— I’ve known this ever since I left a high-tech military job and returned to civilian life, where my best job fit was a bank teller.

Hungry for more and driven by a god-given gift to steer hearts and minds, I blundered forth into the wilderness of Internet Marketing way back in 2011, chasing down RSS feeds and YouTube leads made by others who’d blazed a trail ahead of me.

Now, one solid decade later, I’m codifying some of my current notes and deploying some fresh sites. Please enjoy what you find here and feel free to engage with me on the bird app or the one with all the subs— links to these exist on this personal site and elsewhere. Huzzah!

All advice herein is logistical, not financial.

Coded and designed by Jacks Media, 2021

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