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Google AdSense plus valuable content equals passive income. A person with focus and grit can read and write their way into a media empire— I’ve known this ever since I left a high-tech military career and returned to civilian life, where my best job fit before enlisting was bank teller.

Little did I realize that my journey into crafting a passive income stream or three would lead me to teach others.

Free software tools empower you to build websites, make art, and invent new applications. The Jacks.media brand is designed around offering Do It Yourself walk-through guides so you can:

  • build your own basic web app
  • navigate crypto successfully
  • mint your first NFT

These are three key skills sets that anyone can benefit from learning in the 2020s, so we’re going to focus on offering guides around this trifecta of self-empowerment. Stay tuned.

All advice herein is logistical, not financial.

Coded and designed by Jacks Media, 2022

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