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4 epic Elrond NFTs

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In December of 2021, NFTs Invaded My Life

So I took advice from movies and anime and did indeed “Go With the Flow” regarding NFT ownership. Within 40 days I have collected 20 NFTs, some exceptionally rare and 2 gifts. These exist mainly on the Elrond blockchian, versus Bitcoin or Ethereum or Cardano. Most of them pay me weekly income that can easily yield even more income when invested. Seriously.

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While I write up the notes behind my amazing past 40 days, and how you can also acquire 21st-century trading cards that pay weekly yield, I’ll direct your attention to this bit of guides from last year. They are still very helpful and kind of fun. I wouldn’t bother with that DeFi stuff, though. Absolutely ridiculous.

Silverside Down

All advice herein is logistical, not financial.

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